Wednesday, November 2, 2011

K-cup waste

Coffee is something of a crutch for me. And let's face it, as Americans most of us could admit to having a habit. K-cups are so popular that I went to the spa, to work, and then to a friends house in one day and had 4-5 complementary cups (not my first choice, i prefer fresh Starbucks..Organic if possible).

K-cups are a problem. They produce waste that is unnecessary. Although they are trying to make them more recyclable, problems with locality and recycling are an issue as it is. My neighborhood doesn't take many recycling substances. A compostable cup would be best.

The solution... brew it the old fashion way. Try a french press, which doesn't even need a filter (it's the superior way.. most caffeine, less waste!).

If you must support Green Mountain and their mountains of nonrecyclable cups... Use their metal filter and brew your own coffee.

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  1. I agree, French Press coffee is the best way to go. Automatic lattes and instant coffee scare me and make my stomach turn.